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Mission Statement

The Family Child Care Association of Frederick County (FCCAFC) remains an all volunteer, not for profit support group developed for licensed family child care providers. Our Association strives to support local and national child care activities, to promote high levels of quality child care, to develop and maintain professionalism, and educate not just ourselves but also parents and the public about child care issues.

Our Goal

The goal of FCCAFC is to educate and support family child care providers and families to promote the best possible child care for Frederick County Children.

FCCAFC is not responsible for information obtained from this site. This site is for informational purposes only and does not guarantee any information listed is accurate.  We do not license, endorse or recommend any resources or services listed on this site. We hope the information and resources are helpful, however, you are ultimately responsible for scrutinizing any information obtained via this website.

"We believe in children and the importance of quality child care"